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Two-Bin System / Two-Bin System

What is Two-bin System?

Two-bin System, Kanban Card The visual used with Minimum Stock is the inventory management system.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you read the following 2 articles first;

In the Two-Bin System, also known as the Two-Bin System, the word box essentially refers to the block material. The important thing here is that each block is stocked inseparably from each other. This can be done with a stretch band or a strip band. The important thing is that the order blocks are together.

Two-Bin System is generally more useful for materials that are small in size and can be carried by hand. As the size of the material increases, the efficiency of the Two-Bin System decreases.

How to Install Two-Bin System and How Does It Work?

  1. Minimum Stock quantities are determined for each unique product. p>

  2. Boxes/volumes are prepared on the basis of determined order blocks.

  3. A Kanban Card is placed on each box/volume.

  4. The boxes are placed one after the other, not side by side, so that one cannot be touched before the other is finished (Otherwise the system will crash).

  5. A Kanban Card box is placed at one or more points for Kanban Cards.

  6. When each box is finished, the Kanban Card of the relevant box is placed in the Kanban Card box.

  7. Kanban Cards are collected at regular intervals and orders are created

Two-Bin System Sample Applications

You can also visually see the installation and use of the Two-Bin System in the videos below;

Points to consider regarding the Two-Bin System

  • Grouping using unique materials.

  • Sequential positioning of boxes or blocks.

  • Ensuring that Kanban Cards are not lost (If the Kanban Card is lost, the system will crash).

  • Adding QR Code to Kanban Cards to make data entry easier

  • Digital records should not be left to the background as they make the follow-up visual.

  • Regular updating of order blocks with the Minimum Stock algorithm.

  • Placing the boxes or blocks completely full.

  • The dimensions and features of the boxes or blocks are selected according to the needs of the business.

  • Ensuring that personnel receive adequate training for this new system.

In summary...

If the Two-Bin System, which is a visual inventory control system, is not set up and/or monitored correctly, you may be out of stock.

In addition, it should not be ignored that boxes and/or volumes will cause additional costs.

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