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OFR - Order Fulfillment Rate

OFR - What is Order Fulfillment Rate?

OFR Order Fulfillment Rate is a metric that measures how effectively and timely a business fills customer orders. It is expressed as a percentage, a high value indicates that the orders were closed successfully.

OFR % = (Order Received* / Total Order*) x 100

* Order number X, not all orders

What can be done to increase OFR - Order Fulfillment Rate?

OFR - Order Fulfillment Rate, which covers the entire process from order approval to delivery, covers multidisciplinary issues such as RFQ and Logistics.

Here, besides the OFR percentage, how fast that percentage increases is also important: Order Cycle Time

If we list the things that can be done in general;

  1. Accelerating order approval processes,

  2. Giving as much detail as possible in orders and leaving no room for questions,

  3. Developing demand forecasting,

  4. Carrying out a Sourcing study in advance with strategic thinking,

  5. Warning analysis/reports and notifications should be set to control orders that may be delayed,

  6. Strict Supplier relations and control,

  7. Preventing siloization by increasing communication between units,

  8. Detailed observation of the efficiency of processes,

  9. And as always, education of sufficient breadth and depth.


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