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Multimodal Transportation (Combined Transportation)

What is Multimodal Transportation?

Multimodal transportation, just like Intermodal Transportation, is a transportation activity performed by combining at least 2 transportation modes (Road, railway, sea, airline, etc.). Another name is Combined Transportation.

The main difference between intermodal transportation is the contract.

  • Intermodel Transportation => A separate contract for each mode of transport

  • Multimodal Transportation => One contract for all modes of transport

The advantage of Multimodal Transportation over Intermodal Transportation [#02]

  1. Flexibility: Multimodal transportation involves the combination of more than one transportation mode. This makes it easy to adapt the migration process to various conditions and requirements. Depending on the characteristics of the load and the destination, transportation modes such as road, rail, sea or air can be selected.

  2. Cost Savings: Multimodal transportation can reduce costs by taking advantage of different transportation modes. For example, fuel costs and emissions can be reduced by using rail or maritime transport for long distances.

  3. Delivery Time Optimization: The combination of different transport modes allows optimizing delivery times. While fast transportation modes such as air transportation can be used especially for products with urgent delivery requirements, railway or sea transportation can be preferred for longer-term transportation requirements.

  4. Risk Reduction: Multimodal transportation can help you reduce transportation risks. For example, problems that may occur in a system based on a single transport mode (e.g. road closures or ship accidents) can reduce the risk of a multimodal approach.

  5. Application Diversity: Multimodal transportation offers a wide range of applications in different sectors and logistics scenarios. It can be used to meet both short distance and international transportation requirements.

  6. Environmental Awareness: Multimodal transportation can be a more environmentally sustainable option due to lower fuel consumption and emissions. In particular, sea and rail transportation can be more environmentally friendly than road transportation.

  7. Supply Chain Optimization: Multimodal transportation allows optimizing transportation processes within the supply chain and improving inventory management. This can help your supply chain become more efficient and competitive.


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