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GLN – Global Location Number

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The GLN (Global Location Number), which is mostly used in E-Commerce and Pharmacies, indicates the legal entity of the related party.

While codes such as GPC and GTIN identify the product, GLN defines the physical location or unit that holds the product or is requested for the product.


  • Part of the GS1 Standards

  • It has the same code structure as GTIN-13

  • It consists of 13 characters (7: Company + 5: Location + 1: Check digit)

  • Uses GS1-128 barcode alphabet

  • Indicates the name and other unique information of the number holding organization;

    • Physical address

    • Email address

    • Phone number

    • Tax number

    • Etc.

Usage areas;

  • Distinguish the contacted location in EDI transactions

  • Determining from which location the requests from pharmacies come from




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