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HS Code – Harmonized System Code

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In 1988, the World Customs Organization (WCO), member countries (184) created this code list to be used in customs procedures for purposes of;

  • determining customs regulations,

  • checking the quotas,

  • enabling statistical reports.

The management of the code system is in WCO: World Customs Organization, and the code set is updated every five years.

Code structure;

- The original is 6 digits.

It consists of 21 Sections and 96 Chapters.

1,244 main titles and 5,224 subtitles

- Countries are free to add after 6 digits

The USA uses the 10-digit code system (HTS Code) (Joined 05.11.1970)

Türkiye uses a 12-digit code system (Participation 06.06.1951)

- Sample code; 0104.

01 => Live animals

0104 => Live Sheep and goats

0104.10 => Sheep

0104. => Lambs (1 Year Old or Less)




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