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Voice Picking

What is Voice Picking?

Voice Picking is a technology-based system that vocally communicates instructions during the process to workers or other actors in supply chain operations. Operators are guided through voice commands, reducing errors, increasing efficiency and enabling faster processing.

How Does Voice Picking Work? [#01]

  1. Start: The voice picking system is activated by a start command that signals the start of operations. This command is usually given by a worker or operator.

  2. Voice Recognition: The system detects and processes the operator's voice using a voice recognition technology. The operator can transmit predefined commands or order information to the system by voice.

  3. Processing Commands: The voice picking system processes the commands or orders given by the operator. This process is carried out by a special software or algorithm in the system.

  4. Directions and Instructions: The system guides the worker or operator by giving voice instructions to the worker or operator during the process. For example, it may indicate where to buy a product, how much to buy, or which basket to put it in.

  5. Verification and Confirmation: After the operator carries out the instructions given, the system usually requests a feedback to verify the action. Once the operator confirms that it has completed correctly, the system moves on to the next step.

  6. Order Completion: The system notifies the operator when all commands are completed or the order needs to be collected. The operator packages and prepares the products or materials.

  7. Data Recording and Reporting: The voice collection system records the entire process and stores the data. This can be used for inventory tracking, error tracking and reporting.

How to Set Up a Voice Picking System?

  1. Needs analysis is made. It is decided at which points the system will serve and at what depth it will be used.

  2. Hardware compatible with the ERP owned by the business is selected.

  3. Since the system is wireless, it is checked that data transfer is sufficient at every point

  4. Since the system works with voice communication, sound environments can be identified and removed or silenced.

  5. Software integration of ERP and Voice Collection System is made

  6. Lights and/or signs are placed

  7. Personnel are trained

  8. Various tests are performed starting from plot areas

  9. As you ensure that the process is working properly, the working area is expanded. And finally the installation is completed.

Benefits of Voice Picking

  1. The employee can work faster because his hands are free

  2. Security increases as awareness of the surroundings increases

  3. Since less cable link network is required

  4. Since the system works completely electronically, reporting is much faster

Risks of Voice Picking

  1. Since it works with voice commands, it may not be fully understood how accurately operations such as correction and undo are performed. This may lead to incorrect operations

  2. Following and trying to understand voice commands can cause stress in new users.

  3. Since it is a relatively high-tech product, the initial investment cost may be high depending on the installation.

Voice Picking Presentations

You can have visual information about Voice Addition thanks to the presentations in the Resources section


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· [#01] Chat Based AI Tools: ChatGPT & BARD




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