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What is Light Picking?

Light picking is a method that aims for high efficiency by placing a light or visual sign on each product shelf or compartment in warehouses or distribution centers, helping to find the right products quickly.

How Does the Lighted Collection System Work?

  • A light or sign turns on at the location of the ordered product

  • The worker reaches the right product quickly by following this light or sign.

  • Immediately after collecting the products, the person presses the button next to the light or confirms the relevant purchase from the mobile device, and then the relevant light or sign turns off. The process is completed.

You can watch the presentation below for visual explanation;

How to Install a Light Collection System?

  1. The warehouse area is analyzed and its suitability for illuminated collection is checked.

  2. It is decided in which regions the illuminated collection system will be installed (Not every region and product may be suitable for this).

  3. Hardware compatible with the ERP owned by the business is selected

  4. Software integration of ERP and Illuminated Collection System is made

  5. Lights and/or signs are placed

  6. Personnel is trained

  7. Various tests are performed starting from plot areas

  8. As you ensure that the process is working properly, the working area is expanded. And finally the installation is completed.

Main Requirements for the Installation of Lighted Collection System

  1. Fixed regular area

  2. Appropriate ERP system that allows software integration

  3. Possibility of data transfer to shelves

  4. Trained personnel (Straight worker level may not be sufficient for this stage)


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