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SDE Analysis

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

SDE Analysis, consisting of the initials Scarce, Difficult, Easy, is an inventory analysis technique that classifies products according to availability.

S: Scarce > Scarce resource / No fixed production => Kraljic: Strategic and Critical

D: Difficult > Difficult / Long lead time => Kraljic: Strategic, Critical, Leverage

E: Easy > Easy to find / Short lead time => Kraljic: Routine and Leverage

Some features of hard-to-find products;

  • Products subject to government inspection

  • Imported products

  • Scarce resources

  • High-tech products

  • Products that take a relatively significant time to produce

  • Critical machinery/equipment spare parts


  • By providing forward-looking planning, motivates to make a long-term supply plan.

  • It creates sensitivity against possible supply problems, thanks to tracking products with supply time problems.




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