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SCOR - Supply Chain Operation Reference Model

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It is a model introduced in 1996 that provides a standard methodology for supply chain management aimed at customer satisfaction.


  • Establishing a common methodology, terminology and standard concepts to standardize the supply chain so that supply chain processes can be established between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers

  • Creating an infrastructure for process improvements in supply chain management, making comparisons between process objectives and performance, evaluating chain performance

  • Making sectoral benchmarks

  • Evaluating the competence of communication and information systems suitable for chain processes and determining the desired features from the software required for chain management

  • Building an agile and lean supply chain through process improvements

  • Achieving chain-specific, competitive advantages


  • Improves delivery performance

  • Allows stocks to be reduced

  • Causes improvement in cycle times

  • Provides improvements in making accurate predictions

  • Provides overall productivity increase

  • Drives improvement in supply chain costs

  • Improves order fulfillment rate

  • Increases capacity utilization


  • Optimization of processes

  • Decrease in inventory costs

  • Providing electronic communication with suppliers

  • Reduction in service costs

  • Improvement in customer delivery times

  • Creating a giant supply chain

  • Standardization in processes

  • a common language of communication

  • Performance measurement of processes using metrics

  • Effective use of information technologies according to performance metrics

  • Employees come together for a common goal, hold meetings and receive training, develop corporate culture awareness


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