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General Improvements for Supply Chain (4/5)

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


The mobilization of projects is the most troublesome process. In these processes, you face almost the same problems every time. If the project is in a new city, the problems become even heavier.

One of the most experienced persons from purchasing units is required to enter the supplier portfolio survey in this region for 1-2 months in the proposal process. The cost here can be seen as an expense rather than an investment if the project can not be bought. But, if the project is bought,it will provide great cost and speed advantages. If the project has not been established,a project can be helped.

The buyer can also use his experience in purchasing materials in service purchases.



The field crews deliver the equipment or tools that have remained unsold from the orders they have given during the project to the central warehouse at the end of the project.

When they deliver it, they have to give a list of features and quantities but they do not observe this requirement in the whole field.

Because the materials being delivered are both mixed and unlisted, the logistics unit is experiencing significant time loss in identifying and decomposing such materials.

This problem appears to be a serious problem especially for buildings and equipment to be re-established.

The support for the logistics group will be of great value especially if the same project group receives the materials sent in the next project again.


Scrap material management

Various materials taken during the project are released to the disposal due to damage or necessity reasons. Since this process continues throughout the project, there are various troubles about follow-up.

The main reason for the troubles is that the garbage material is processed without being contacted by the logistics unit of the material being released. There is the possibility of selling scrap materials because of the lack of contact with the logistics unit, unfortunately, they cast away (Conscious behavior that is contrary to general morality is out of the question.).

The amount that can be obtained from the sale of scrap materials can be in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Scrap materials need to be addressed sensitively in order to recover the costs incurred and to provide the company with substantial cash income.


May 4, 2016 - Istanbul

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