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SKU - Stock Keeping Unit

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Stock Keeping Unit / Stock Code / Material Code

Inventory Code, the backbone of Inventory Management, is a unique material identification tool consisting of AlphaNumeric characters, created by going down to the details of each product.

Sometimes it's the car itself, and sometimes its smallest bolt. Although it varies from company to company and from industry to industry, the general trend is to go down to the details that need to be followed.

These character sequences, which seem meaningless when you read them, become a vital language in the background.


  • Especially in the production and sales sector, it enables or accelerates stock management at an incomparable level.

  • Enabling stock and finance predictability by tracking seasonal activity and trend

  • Facilitating the coexistence of conjugate and complementary products

  • It provides convenience in determining the stock location

  • Enables customer behavior analysis

  • Supporting fast response times by providing automation

  • Making it easier to avoid out of stock

  • etc.




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