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ISBN - International Standard Book Number

What is an ISBN Code?

ISBN - International Standard Book Number is a unique identifier used for all publications worldwide. The ISBN Code, which identifies the relevant publication and distinguishes it from others, is a vital tool for managing the production, distribution and sales processes of publications.

Detailed Description of ISBN Code

ISBN Code is explained in detail below.

Detailed Description of ISBN Code

History of the ISBN Code

The ISBN system began in the United Kingdom in 1967 and later became an international standard. This system was developed to enable easy tracking and cataloging of books. It initially started as a 10-digit number, but switched to a 13-digit format in 2007.

Paid and Free ISBN Difference (Free ISBN vs Paid ISBN)

Difference between Paid and Free ISBN (Free ISBN vs Paid ISBN)

Benefits of ISBN Code

  • Allows quick recognition and ordering of books.

  • Concerns the effective management of book inventory.

  • Increasing the availability of books worldwide.

  • Facilitates collaboration between libraries, bookstores and distributors.

How to Get ISBN Code?

T.R. You can learn how to get the ISBN Code from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism page;

ISBN Code Alternatives

  1. DOI - Digital Object Identifier: DOI is a unique identifier of digital content. It is frequently used especially in academic and scientific publications. It is more suitable for digital and electronic publications, not printed books like ISBN.

  2. ISTC - International Standard Text Code: ISTC is a unique identifier of texts and has a similar purpose to ISBN. However, unlike ISBN, it covers all text types and is not limited to just printed books.

  3. EAN - European Article Number or UPC - Universal Product Code: These codes are often used to track products and commercial materials. Some publishers may use EAN or UPC for their books, but this is not a standard for identifying books internationally.

  4. LCCN - Library of Congress Control Number: LCCN is a number assigned by the US Library Congress and is used to catalog books. It is not an international identifier and is limited to the USA only.


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