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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It is the method in which the following benefits are provided by making the purchases made by the companies through the tender procedure via an electronic environment.

  • Shorter processing time,

  • Transparency,

  • Independence from personal relationships,

  • Profit maximization,

  • Giving the supplier trust.

The main challenges are;

  • It is necessary to ensure the trust of the suppliers in the system,

  • Requires prior training of suppliers,

  • Obligation to have experienced personnel to manage the tender,

  • Lack of belief (A belief that I can negotiate better) because it is different from classical purchasing processes,

  • The common law of purchasing from the winning firm.

The main types of electronic tenders;

  • Dutch Type

  • British Type

  • Japanese Type

  • Yankee Type

  • Brazilian Type


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