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Run After Enthusiasm! (Nusret Gokce #saltbea)

Güncelleme tarihi: 30 Ağu 2023

"To give way to the person who knows where he is going, even the world is drawn to one side." (David Starr Jordan)

Nusret Gökçe is born in 1983 as one of the 5 children of a mining worker in Erzurum. At the age of 2, his family is moved from Erzurum to Darica. Due to financial impossibilities, he has to leave school after primary school and he starts his working life as a butcher's apprentice in Bostancı. At the same time, with 10 craftsmen, he works for 18 hours a day, for about 13 years, without being idle for a minute.

When butcher-restaurant concept started like Günaydın Meat Eatinghouse in Istinye Park,2007, Nusret Gökçe also excited about this new approach. And he says  "I have to do this."

First of all, he researches, where is the best place for this job in the world?

  1. Argentina (Slaughterhouses)

  2. America (Steak House's)

  3. Japan (Top quality fatty meats)

He cascades his goals and moves...

Despite his lack of language and money, he is not afraid and with the help of a French customer in 2007, he barely clears the money and goes to Argentina. After returning, the chemistry of the hand changed with his own words. Despite being named and recognized in several newspapers and magazines in Turkey, he does not interrupt his goals and America continues his dream.

After being rejected 4 times in 2010, he barely gets a 3 month visa and goes to America. He works as a fugitive in New York 's leading 4 restaurants without charge. A menu he made during this time was published in the New York Times.

After returning from America, he is now ready for business. He talks with Mithat Erdem, an old friend. He has no money, he will put his will. 'What would be its name?' Mithat Erdem asks,he writes 'Nusr-et' on a piece of paper and says,' "I will buy you a machine for counting money after six months." It will happen as it says, and in 6 months it will make all the investment, pay its share.

"The man who goes to the flesh" Nusret Gökçe finally formed a partnership with Ferit Şahenk in 2009. Now the target is Japan. He thinks that his final destination should be a suitable meeting.

Nusret Gökçe is a very beautiful example that dreams, plans and stages dreams.

As Muhammad Ali said; "The champions do not come out of the halls, they come from people with passion, imagination and purpose."




January 9, 2016 - İstanbul

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