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Tugger Train / Tow Train

What is Tugger Train?

Tugger Train, JIT - Just In Time They are internal logistics equipment, one of the environmental support equipment of , used for material and waste package circulation within the facility, electrical, mostly managed by the operator, but in some cases guided by automation.

The tow vehicle in the Tugger Train, which also serves as a kind of on-site Milkrun It is a material handling solution consisting of a series of cars or trailers that are attached to the back of the vehicle and enable the transportation of materials. Tugger Train is controlled by an operator and pulls multiple trailers, creating a train-like structure on wheels.

Tugger Train / Tow Train

Tugger Train / Tow Train

The version of this in our social life is as follows: trains in shopping malls or similar places.

Shopping Mall Type Tugger Train / Tow Train

Benefits of Tugger Trains

  1. Ability to provide significant support to Mikrun processes

  2. Easy to use

  3. Safe use thanks to added sensors

  4. Because they are electric, they do not produce noise and harmful gases

  5. Contribution to fast goods traffic within the facility

  6. Minimization of labor in goods traffic

Points to Consider When Purchasing Tugger Trains

  1. Loading capacities should be calculated with a minimum margin of 50% depending on the structure of the products and the facility.

  2. It is important that its main features such as power, size and structure are retrofittable to meet any changing and/or evolving supply chain needs.

Points to Consider in Tugger Train Installation

  1. Separate routes should be defined

  2. The design of the vehicle and trolleys should be studied in detail according to the load to be carried.

  3. The vehicles that will load the Tugger Trains must be designed accordingly

  4. The ground must be clean and comply with the minimum requirements of the vehicle

  5. Since it will work with charging, spare vehicles and fast charging stations should be installed

  6. For those who will work with the automation system, the data distribution network should be ensured to work properly and quickly

  7. Regular maintenance and repair organization and plan should be prepared

  8. Illuminated and audible signaling systems must be chosen carefully, as they are carried in areas with constant personnel circulation.

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