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Tugger Train

Güncelleme tarihi: 30 Ağu

Tugger Train is one of the environmental support equipment of Just In Time (JIT), used for material and waste package circulation within the facility, usually electrically, and in some cases managed by automation.

Points to be considered;

  • Separate routes should be defined.

  • The design of the vehicle and trolleys should be studied in detail according to the load to be carried.

  • Vehicles that will load Tugger Trains should also be designed accordingly.

  • The floor must be clean and comply with the minimum requirements of the vehicle.

  • Since it will work with charging, spare vehicles and fast charging stations should be installed.

  • For those who will work with the automation system, the healthy and fast operation of the data distribution network should be ensured.

  • Regular maintenance and repair organization should be prepared.

  • Light and audible signaling systems should be chosen carefully, as they are transported in areas with continuous personnel circulation.


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