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Push System

What is a Thrust System?

Push System, also called production to stock, is the concept of stocking products based on demand forecasts. It is largely the opposite of Pull System.

Production of Push System to American type stock, Pull System< We can think of /a> as Japanese type production to order.

Stages of Propulsion System

Propulsion System stages are as follows;

  1. Demand Forecast: Future orders are estimated based on data such as past orders, current conjuncture and market trends.

  2. Production Planning: According to the demand forecasts, it is planned which product will be produced, with what priority and in what quantity.

  3. Storage: Produced products are distributed in appropriate quantities to appropriate regions, based on the initial demand analysis.

  4. Stock tracking and Reporting: In order to evaluate the Push System Effectiveness, data is regularly collected from every stage of the process and reported in detail.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Revisions that need to be made based on the data collected are discussed with all stakeholders and necessary tactical and strategic revisions are made.

Push System and Pull System Comparison

Since there cannot be a single truth at this point, it would be correct to decide according to the comparison table below.


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