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Pull System / Pull System

What is the Pull System?

Pull System is a Lean Manufacturing method that refers to the production of the relevant material only when needed and delivering it to the desired point. is a concept. It aims to reduce unnecessary stocks and minimize waste. It is also referred to as stockless production or Zero Inventory.

Just-in-Time System It is an example of a Pull System. Kanban Card is also one of the tools of this system.

How Does the Pull System Work?

  1. Creates customer demand.

  2. The created demand is transferred to the production unit.

  3. Inventory control is carried out.

  4. The amount in inventory is delivered,

  5. Production is triggered for the order block specified in the Kanban Card,

  6. If there is more demand than what is in stock, this is also added to the order block in the Kanban Card,

  7. Demand is generated,

  8. The product is delivered to the customer,

  9. Stock is replenished by placing the block specified in the Kanban Card back into stock,

  10. The demand analysis is updated and the order block specified in the Kanban Card is revised when necessary.

Purposes of the Pull System

  • Getting rid of unnecessary stock space costs by eliminating excess stock,

  • Alleviating the financial burden caused by unnecessary stock,

  • Starting with the goal of Zero Stock, ensuring that the problems in the production processes are seen more clearly, thus reducing the costs even further,

  • Increasing quality by optimizing production processes,

  • As a result of all this, ensuring sustainability.

Pull System and Push System Comparison

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