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KanBan Card

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Visual (Kan) - Card (Ban)

The Kanban Card, a transparent and efficient visual card system that does not need software and has become the backbone of inventory management in the Toyota Production System (TPS), introduced by Taichi Ohno in the 1940s, is used in different fields by constantly improving itself.

This system, which remained undetected by other manufacturers for many years, attracted the attention of other manufacturers after Toyota announced its details and benefits.

Today, the Kanban Card, which finds its use in many different business areas, from management to the IT sector, has also inspired many other business tracking systems.

Some benefits;

  • No need for software thanks to tracking on paper

  • Provides visualization of current stock status and/or business process

  • Facilitating the recognition of inert products thanks to the visualized stock

  • Focus on continuous replenishment

  • Increases teamwork

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