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Barcode / Barcode

What is Barcode?

Barcode is an optical coding system developed for product tracking and information sharing, where each line and interval has a different meaning.

Barcode system,

Can store information.

History of Barcode

The first barcode system began to be used in 1952. With the widespread use of automation systems, they began to be used in product tracking and inventory control.

Barcodes have now begun to be replaced by QR Codes / QR Codes due to reasons such as developing technology, increasing product diversity, and expanding usage area.

Solutions brought by Barcode

One of the biggest problems encountered in warehouse management is that the locations of the materials entered/exited cannot be accurately entered into the system.

Materials subjected to assembly, separation (handling) and shelving in the warehouse can be placed in different locations or in different places in the same location due to space constraints. As entry and exit transactions increase, mistakes may be made due to operator or warehouseman error/forgetfulness. These errors, which can be noticed late, can lead to overstock because the material related to the sequence path is thought to be out of stock, and can lead to work delays because it is thought to be in stock.

Thanks to BarCode applications, delays and errors are minimized. This also provides economy in terms of labor.

In this system; A code label is attached to each new incoming material. If there is a code label on the incoming material, this label is tried to be used.


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