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E-RFQ - Electronic Request for Quotation

Updated: Apr 18

E-RFQ Receives price offers in an electronic environment instead of via mail or printed media.

In this method, suppliers enter their offers;

  • On their own,

  • In an electronic environment,

  • From their office,

  • From the ERP login screens given to them,

Its main advantages are;

  • Shorter processing time

  • Transparency,

  • Keeping personal relationships in the background

  • Possibility of retrospective follow-up,

  • Collecting supplier behavior information.

  • Etc.

The main challenges are;

  • It takes time for the purchasing personnel to keep up with the change,

  • Lack of faith due to being different from classical purchasing processes,

  • Some suppliers are not technically ready to enter bids electronically,

  • Etc.


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