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Reshoring - Pulling Production Into the Country

“Reshoring isn't just a trend, it's a wakeup call to companies that money saved by offshoring was money lost in quality, responsiveness, and cultural alignment." - Anonymous

What is Reshoring?

Reshoring is when a company moves its production processes outside the country back to its home country.


We saw the concept of reshoring especially in the USA during the Trump era;

Then, it started to raise more awareness with the Pandemic, War and crises in waterways.

Opportunities and Risks

It can be said to be the same as onshoring.

But regarding the risks, the following can also be said: To bring a foreign production into the country,

  • Transfer of production machinery

  • Transfer of qualified personnel

  • Possibility of deterioration of relations in the offshore country

  • etc.

Good practices

  • Apple:

  • -- In 2013, it moved production of the Mac Pro to the US so it had closer quality control.

  • -- During the Trump Era, it started to bring some of its production into the country and did not experience any crisis.

  • Adidas: It accelerated the production process and increased quality by opening its automated factories called "Speedfactory" in Germany and the USA.




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