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ISMN - International Standard Music Number

What is an ISMN Number?

ISMN Number is an identification system that assigns a unique identifying number to each musical work. The ISMN Number enables the classification, cataloging and copyright management of the relevant work by associating the work with the title, composer, arrangement, genre and other important information.

ISMN Number History

ISBN Number taking its place in the book industry Later, the same idea occurred for the music industry and in 1993, the ISMN Number was officially issued by ISO (International Standards Organization) was adopted and eventually became an international standard.

In Turkey, the ISMN - International Standard Music Number system was put into use in 1999. More about copyrights at and get up-to-date information.

Benefits of the ISMN Code

  1. Unique Identity: ISMN makes it easier to distinguish musical works of the same name or similar ones by assigning a unique ID to each musical work.

  2. Easy Availability of Musical Works: ISMN codes enable musical works to be easily found. Music stores, libraries and copyright managers can quickly identify the right titles using ISMN.

  3. Inventory Management: Publishers, music stores and libraries can manage their inventories more regularly with ISMN codes. This reduces incorrect orders and inventory errors.

  4. Copyright Management: ISMN provides Copyright administrators with the ability to more effectively track and license musical works. This helps copyright owners protect their rights.

  5. International Identification: The ISMN Code identifies musical works at an international level, helping musical works to reach a wider audience across borders.

  6. Ease of Trade and Cooperation: The ISMN Code enables the music industry to operate more efficiently by creating a standard for trade in musical works and international cooperation.

Detailed Description of ISMN Code

The first 4 digits are the country code (Musicland/Bookland) and the ISMN code with the last digit Check Digit EAN Code System.

ISMN - International Standard Music Number


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