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    Time is life…

    In beginning… In my opinion, time management is to spend time efficiently on the way leading to the targets and according to specified priorities, since it cannot be returned. It is not to live but catch the moment. I don’t look it in a narrow sense as enforcing it just for business life, but in […]

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    Kraljic Portfolio Analysis

    General expression Due to the fact that supplier relationships are arranged with the the perspective of “price reduction” instead of “ adding value “ [1] in general, the preferred approach is based on to be dominant , being in the driver’s seat in the face of supplier.Here, which provides the opportunity to become dominant is […]

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    Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

    In order to be well planned tomorrow, today and yesterday must be properly and well reported. The KPI system is not sufficiently valued by procurement units. The instant situation is reported from the system and it is observed that it is possible to see the current situation, to check it according to it and then […]

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    General Improvements for Supply Chain (5)

    Inventory management Warehouse management processes start with the arrival of the following material on the warehouse area and are terminated by being dispatched to distribution points. Inventory management, on the other hand, is a continuous system and operates in an uninterrupted manner as long as the project continues to operate (Görçün, 2013, p.10) The understanding […]

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    General Improvements for Supply Chain (4)

    Mobilization Mobilization of projects is the most troublesome process. In these processes, you face almost the same problems every time. If the project is in a new city, the problems become even heavier. One of the most experienced person from purchasing units is required to enter the supplier portfolio survey in this region for 1-2 […]

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